3D Modeling

 2D to 3D Modeling, Digital Sculpting & Mechanical Design Service

3D Modeling is a core prerequisite for many applications including design for manufacturing, creating pre renderings and sculpting digital assets for visual effects. Our team has expertise in both hard surface and organic modeling for a range of industries including manufacturing, reverse engineering, industrial design, visual effects, mechanical engineering & creating artistic pre-renderings.

3D Visualization

 Rendering Your 3D Models & Post Production

Our Visualization Services help companies develop streamlined workflows to deliver photorealistic cost-effective 3D visualizations that can accelerate design, speed project approval, and facilitate end-consumer purchasing decisions.

Businesses can use photorealistic visualizations to communicate more clearly to members of the design team, helping everyone make faster, more informed design decisions, reduce the number of design cycles, and produce a better product. Businesses can also create more effective sales and marketing materials—such as online product configurators and realistic animations—from these visualizations, resulting in faster consumer purchasing decisions.

Image Courtesy of A+Y Architects. ®2018